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Important information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Over the coming months there is the potential for disruption to travel plans caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus. As such, we are putting contingency plans in place, with the hope that they will not be required. With the potential for flights to be grounded due to COVID-19, we will now be asking everyone at the time of booking/on arrival where they are travelling to, so we can be prepared for any booking extensions caused by delays you may have to flights. We ask that you let us know as soon as you have any issues.

Should you need to extend your pets' stay for any reason, we will always endeavour to accommodate you. However, in the worst case scenario, should the kennels be full, you will need to arrange for your animal to be collected. Although we hope that it will not come to this, we strongly advise that all customers have a back up plan for collection/accommodation of their animal should they be indefinitely delayed or have to self-isolate upon their return to the UK. We will not be able to admit animals unless a UK-based Emergency contact has been provided. Please ensure that your emergency contact is aware of your wishes and that they potentially may be required to collect your animal .

We would like to remind customers that deposits are non-refundable (see terms below), however in the case of COVID-19, your deposit will be held as credit on your account until your holiday has been rebooked.



All pets must be FULLY VACCINATED and dogs must have received the kennel cough vaccine (infectious trachea bronchitis), allowing for two weeks clearance before the date of boarding. Proof of vaccination is required upon arrival.

Certificates of vaccination or proof of immunity must be produced on arrival. Entry will be refused if vaccinations are not up to date

All animals must be up to date with flea and worming upon arrival, to cover the duration of their stay. A prescription strength (from your vet) flea/worm treatment should be used. In line with new licensing conditions that come in to force on 01/01/2018, upon arrival you will be asked to provide the last date of flea/worming and the products that were used. 

If evidence of worms or fleas is found on your pet they will be treated accordingly and you will be billed upon collection.

If your pet is insured, you will need to provide us with the name of the insurance company and the policy number upon arrival. However, if you do not have an insurance policy, you do not need to acquire one to board your pet.

All dogs must wear a collar or harness with ID tags and bring their leads. Cat's should arrive in suitable boxes/carriers. You are welcome to bring any bedding, toys or food/treats you desire, although we do provide plenty of each.

If your pet is taken ill whilst in our care, they will be taken to your nominated veterinary practice, provided the practice is within an approximate 5 mile radius of Birch Hall Kennels. Alternatively, our appointed veterinary practice will be used and their fee’s will be payable by the owner on collection of the pet. A transport fee of £10 per hour will be added to your bill. 

If your pet has any existing medical conditions, any medication they need should be supplied in its original packaging with a prescription label and/or with clear written instructions.

Whilst all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent and control the spread of infections or contagious disease among animals, We do not accept responsibility for any parasitic, bacterial, viral or fungal infection contracted whilst in the kennels. 

We reserve the right on arrival to refuse entry to any pet that in our opinion is too unhealthy or too dangerous to handle.

The boarding fees are charged at an inclusive rate from the day of arrival to the day of departure, regardless of early collection or later drop off. The full amount is payable for the dates booked and recorded by the kennels booking system.

Full payment must be made before any pet will be released. We are able to accept cash, card payments (apart from American Express) and cheques. However, cheques must be supported by a cheque guarantee card that covers the amount payable.  

Bank holidays are charged at a double rate, including Christmas day, Boxing Day and New Years day. The office is closed on all Bank Holidays and no collections or drop offs can be made.

Pets can only be dropped off or collected during office hours. If you are unable to collect your pet on the date stated in the booking you must inform the kennels. Failure to do this will result in a £10 surcharge.


If you wish to cancel your booking at least fourteen days notice must be given for bookings of fourteen days or less. For bookings over fourteen days one months notice is required, otherwise the full amount is payable. Cancellation charges are applied at the discretion of The Kennel's management.


Deposits must be paid on all bookings and are non-refundable, unless you provide a medical or veterinary certificate, whereby the deposit will be credited to your internal account for use on a future stay at the discretion of the kennels. If your stay is cancelled due to the 2020 outbreak of coronavirus or the collapse of an airline, your deposit will be credited to your internal account for use on a future stay.


You must inform the kennels if you are unable to collect your pet on date of collection. For security reasons you must inform the kennels if someone is collecting your pet on your behalf.


If any pet is not collected on the appointed date and the owner does not contact the kennels within 14 days, we reserve the right to re home the animal. Failure to contact the kennels will result in a surcharge of £10 per day plus the boarding fee for every extra day.                        

Whilst all reasonable precautions are taken Birch Hall Kennels does not accept responsibility for damage, loss or injury to any persons, animals or property.

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