Boarding Kennels

We are happy to welcome any dog no matter how big or small. We have three separate kennel blocks enabling us to cater for all ages, breeds and temperaments. We have a block particularly suited for the more nervous dog or the oldies that prefer to spend their time sleeping. We also have the facilities to enable us to care for dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs or people. Our play areas allow the more energetic dogs to run around, play with toys and enjoy a game of fetch with a member of staff.


Kennels with runs attached

These kennels give your dog the choice to snuggle up in their bed, or relax in their personal outdoor run. These blocks tend to be more peaceful and quiet so they are suited for the more nervous dog or the oldies. 
We have two different types of kennels with runs attached, please contact us for more information on which would be best suited for your dog.

Single kennel with play area

These types of kennels are best suited for the more energetic dog who likes to spend their day running around to burn off all their energy (if that is possible!)
These kennels do not have an external run attached to them but all boarders do get to go outside and play in one of our play areas, with a member of staff, four times a day.

Please note: These types of kennels are not suited for all dogs, if your dog is reactive, aggressive or very nervous of new people or other dogs we can not have them stay in this block. Although the dogs aren't mixed together the kennels do face each other which can be frustrating/stressful for some dogs. Your animals' welfare is our highest priority and we like all of our boarders to have an enjoyable and stress-free stay. 

If your dog hasn't stayed with us before, we will arrange a Trial Day, free of charge, for this block. We can not accept any new dogs into this block without a trial day, as we want to be sure your dog will be settled and content in there, particularly as the kennels face each other and there is a lot of movement within the block. 

What is Provided?

We use moulded plastic beds, cozy blankets, and stainless steel or ceramic bowls to provide high level of hygiene and comfort. Although we provide all bowls, bedding and toys, if you would like to bring bedding and/or toys from home, you are welcome to do so. Items from home provide a comforting sense of familiarity for your dog. We treat your dog as if they were our own, so of course lots of cuddles are provided!

Every dog receives a walk daily, regardless of which block they are staying in. For our very energetic guests, we offer additional walks for a small additional charge. Please click here for our prices page.


We feed a quality, complete, chicken flavour adult kibble, specially designed for kennels. We also have a variety of tinned dog food for those dogs that prefer wet food or the best of both. Please let the staff know on arrival what your dog is used to. Some dogs can find change stressful, as such we stock hypoallergenic kibble and bland wet food to help soothe upset stomachs.  If your dog is on a prescription diet or is a fussy eater, we recommend that you bring your own food. We ask that you provide written instruction and/or a labelled measuring scoop detailing the amounts. Unfortunately we are unable to offer discounts for bringing your own food.

We usually feed the dogs twice a day, at 12pm and 5.30pm to ensure they are not exercised on a full stomach. However we are happy to increase the frequency of feeding, if your dog has special dietary requirements.


All dogs must provide a valid vaccination certificate proving that they are up to date with their annual booster vaccinations and the kennel cough vaccine. Boosters must have been administered at least two weeks before your dog is due to board with us.  

Medication and Vet Care


Should your dog require it, our staff are fully trained to administer all forms of prescription medication. Please provide us with clear written instructions and ensure that the medication is clearly labelled. In the unfortunate event that your dog becomes ill during their stay, we will take them to your appointed veterinary surgeon (providing they are with in a 5 mile radius) or we will use our local vets. We also have isolation facilities if required. 

All of our kennel blocks are heated.

We do not mix any of our boarders under any circumstances (unless the dogs are from the same family). Unfortunately we can not accommodate requests to mix your dog with others; this is in the best interest of all of our boarders.  

Please see our What to Bring and Frequently Asked Questions sections for more information

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