Our cattery is situated in a separate building away from the kennel blocks, where our feline guests can relax in a warm, cozy and quiet environment. As our cattery is on the smaller side, we only have up to ten guests at a time.This means we can lavish our discerning feline friends with plenty of personal attention. 

What is Provided?

Each individual cat pen is equipped with a separate bedding and litter area, a shelf for climbing or snoozing on, a scratching branch and toys. Bowls, beds and bedding are also provided and the cattery is comfortably heated. If you would like to bring bedding and/or toys from home, you are welcome to do so; they have a comforting sense of familiarity. Each cat pen can accommodate up to two cats from the same family. 


All cats that tolerate, enjoy or require grooming are brushed regularly, we have a small stock of brushes and combs but if your cat is very particular or has complex grooming needs, we ask that you bring your own brushes.


We aim to keep our feline guests as close to the routine they would have at home, to minimise the stress of being in cattery. As such, we are happy to feed to your specifications. We stock Harringtons kibble and Whiskers wet food, in a variety of flavours. We understand that some cats can be very fussy with food, if this is the case we recommend that you bring your own food. 


We are able to board kittens provided they are over 3 months of age and have had the full course of vaccinations. We do not regularly stock kitten food, therefore we advise that you bring your own. However, we are happy to order in kitten food but there will be an additional charge for doing so.

Unfortunately we are unable to board pregnant queens.

Medication and Vet Care

Should your cat require it, our staff are fully trained to administer all forms of prescription medication. Please provide us with clear written instructions and ensure that the medication is clearly labelled. In the unfortunate event that your cat becomes ill during their stay, we will take them to your appointed vet (providing they are with in a 5 mile radius) or we will use our local vets.

Please see our What to Bring and Frequently Asked Questions sections for more information

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